Credit Card Defender 3 Pack #RFIDCC

Credit Card Defender 3 Pack #RFIDCC


Why do you need Credit Card Defenders? 

Data can be “skimmed” from the chip inside smart cards. Smart cards have RFID (radio frequency identification) chips that transmit personal data through radio waves. Thieves use small devices called “skimmers” to intercept data. Held next to a purse or wallet, it takes only a few seconds for these devices to intercept credit card numbers and expiration dates. Skimmers can read names and country of origin from passports up to 10 metres away.


  • The Korjo Credit Card Defender has a patented embedded RFID Shielding Substrate which prevents RFID theft.

  • Blocks 13.56MHz and 860-960MHz transmissions.

  • FIPS 201 Compliant.

  • Shields ISO14443/15693 and EPC Gen1/Gen2 cards and tags.

  • 3 sleeves per pack.

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